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by Shakil BF Support | 11th October 2019


Company: Vaultoro – The First Bitcoin and Gold Exchange. Tokenizing physical gold ownership with the First European Regulated Gold-Backed Stablecoin

Type: Equity (available for non-US investors only)

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Since 2015 Vaultoro has offered an insured and audited hedging solution for crypto traders. Bitcoin users are given a way to store their wealth in physical allocated gold, secured in a top-tier Swiss vaulting facility, by buying and selling gold on Vaultoro´s trading platform. 

Users send their Bitcoin to their Vaultoro Wallet and can trade it to gold in seconds, buying it from them or other users through a standard exchange orderbook mechanism. 


Vaultoro is one of the early stage Crypto-pioneers in the market, combining the young and innovative Crypto-business with the millennia-old, conservative gold trading-business.


Now the Vaultoro Group is preparing more solutions for different target groups and different sales channels (Crypto-user, Fiat-user, B2B) which will expand growth-potential significantly. By investing in the Vaultoro Group you invest in a business model based on three pillars: Crypto (Vaultoro Exchange), Fiat b2b (Bar9 API) and blockchain (VGold).



  • Invest in a running business (the Vaultoro exchange was founded in 2015) 
  • Investors may profit from the development of a full European regulated gold-backed stablecoin (“VGold“, starting Q1/2020) 
  • Investors may also profit from the growth potential of the new b2b-business of Vaultoro (Bar9) which aims to give the company access to hundreds of thousands of bank-customers by providing an API to banks to easily enable them to offer allocated, insured and audited gold and silver (starting Q1/2020).

The Vaultoro results from 2015 until today: 

  • Over 2.7 tons of Gold traded
  • 1.5 million in revenue
  • Steady p2p volume growth even in the bear market
  • More than 500 kilos of gold vaulted in top-tier vaults in Switzerland
  • 21,000 existing members

The outlook for the Vaultoro Group: 

  • VGold stablecoin aims to help triple the amount of traded gold per year already in 2020 (base scenario, see full deck on the pitch). VGold aims to be the start of a coin-family of tokenized precious metals like VSilver, VPlatinum, VPalladium issued and sold into the market using Vaultoro’s group of offerings and 3rd party exchanges.
  • The Bar9 API aims to give access to bank customers all around the world (the first banks which will be connected are located in Asia and in Africa).
  • The Vaultoro exchange platform will continue to be improved with new trading features to become even more attractive and to constantly generate strong revenues.  

The stable Vaultoro Network: 

  • Vaultoro is working on the precious metals side with top tier service providers like Brink´s (vaulting), pro aurum (dealer), BDO (auditing firm), Helvetia (insurance company)
  • In the crypto space Vaultoro is successfully connected with the Bitcoin community, being the first exchange in the world to offer lighting payments as well as the innovative DASH community who have also invented coin governance.
  • For legal and regulations purposes Vaultoro uses DWF and Naegele (law firms), Vaultoro is Member of the Blockchain Bundesverband in Germany, helping shape regulations in Germany and wider Europe.


  • Joshua Scigala (CEO & Co-Founder)
  • Philip Scigala (CTO & Co-Founder)
  • Ana Valdes (COO)
  • Gabriel Escalona (CMO)
  • Waldemar Meyer (CBDO)


  • Techstars Ventures
  • FinLab AG




TOTAL ALLOCATION: $700,000 with the ability to allocate more depending on demand.

*Disclaimer: The above information including the numbers, claims & project analysis, has been shared by Vaultoro’s team. BnkToTheFuture highly recommends all investors to do their own due diligence and research before making an investment decision. 

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BnkToTheFuture (BF) Live E34

The First-Ever Gold & Bitcoin Exchange Live on BnkToTheFuture

This week on BF Live Episode 34, Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-founder of BnkToTheFuture) was live with Joshua Scigala and Philip Scigala to discuss the First European Regulated Gold & Bitcoin exchange. They also answered questions from the community.

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