Technical update from BnkToTheFuture Dev Team – September 4th, 2018

by Irvin Htay Myint | 4th September 2018

The past couple of weeks were focused on making a significant progress on the secondary market. We have implemented the foundation user journey where the investor can browse the available assets and make an informed decision based on previous performance of the assets, as well as initiate the trade.

On another front we have included a number of compliance features related to granting or limiting user privileges based on their past behaviour, making us even more prepared for the regulatory challenges ahead.

One of the teams is performing the final polishing touches on the BFT Mobile Wallet (called BF Wallet) with significantly improved performance on poor mobile connections as well as by introducing an offline mode, so the user can administer their wallet even when they’re off the grid.
With launch being planned later in the month, please stay tuned for the exciting update!

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