Technical update from our BnkToTheFuture Dev Team – 23rd August 2018

by Irvin Htay Myint | 23rd August 2018

In the past weeks we’ve been working hard on major developments to the site that we believe will be essential to not only enhance our product ecosystem, but also make us resilient to the regulatory challenges ahead.  These include:

1. Release of company pages beta programme to change the information flow on the platform and lay a foundation for introducing token staking utility for due diligence.

2. Introduction of USDT support and conversions to allow companies to remove currency risk on pitches.

3. Finalisation of the optimal user experience for share transfer between users within the Secondary Market.

4. The BF Wallet will eliminate the need to hold the 10k BFT tokens on the platform as a proof of VIP membership.

5. New architecture of the transactional system allowing for much improved scalability and security level.

6. Many non-visible back-end improvements to improve our compliance procedures in preparation for our annual AML & regulatory compliance Audit

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