Simon Dixon Talks about the Biggest Ponzi Scheme in Financial History and more!

by Aman | 4th June 2019

1. Simon Dixon talks about “The biggest Ponzi scheme in financial history.”

Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-founder of Bnk To The Future) was invited to talk as one of the Panelists at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019 Discussing Global Banking in the digital age.

Simon explains what got him into crypto and how our financial system needs improvements.


2. Simon Dixon talks on Crypto Equity & Security Tokens 

Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-founder of Bnk To The Future) was invited as a guest speaker at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit 2019 to talk about Crypto Equity & Security Tokens.

Watch him as he highlights how Crypto & Security Tokens are going to change the way we look at finance.



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