BnkToTheFuture Blog
24th September 2018

Simon Dixon interview with Crypto Love

A short interview from Crypto Love, featuring CEO and Co founder of BnkToTheFuture Simon Dixon, explaining a brief history of BnkToTheFuture, BFT token, project ambitions and general market situation.

19th September 2018

New BnkToTheFuture pitches, features and news

As we get ready for the launch of the BnkToTheFuture Secondary Market this year we invite you to join Simon Dixon in our 3rd Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session to get your questions answered LEARN MORE FEATURED NEWS Coming soon, AMA Event #3 with Simon Dixon! Register Now! Join Simon Dixon live as he answers […]

18th September 2018

One-on-One with Andy Hoffman and Simon Dixon

An hour long crypto talk session with the CEO and Co founder of BnkToTheFuture Simon Dixon and Andy Hoffman with the discussion about market situation, future of Bitcoin and BCH and modern monetary system.

4th September 2018

Technical update from BnkToTheFuture Dev Team – September 4th, 2018

The past couple of weeks were focused on making a significant progress on the secondary market. We have implemented the foundation user journey where the investor can browse the available assets and make an informed decision based on previous performance of the assets, as well as initiate the trade. On another front we have included […]

24th August 2018

Simon Dixon – Malta talk 2018

Our CEO and co-founder, Simon Dixon, gives an inspirational historical lookout at Blockchain, Bitcoin and BnkToTheFuture platform in Malta at CoinAgenda Europe 2018 conference

23rd August 2018

Technical update from our BnkToTheFuture Dev Team – 23rd August 2018

In the past weeks we’ve been working hard on major developments to the site that we believe will be essential to not only enhance our product ecosystem, but also make us resilient to the regulatory challenges ahead.  These include: 1. Release of company pages beta programme to change the information flow on the platform and […]

21st August 2018

Crypto Crow Live AMA with Simon Dixon

An informative crypto-themed discussion between Simon Dixon and Crypto Crow, featuring answers to viewers question regarding securitization, Bitcoin ETF and history of cryptomarket