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12th December 2018

Coinpayments live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Coinpayments – Merchant Processor with over 2m users, 1,100 supported crypto currencies & $1bn transacted. LEARN MORE FEATURED PITCH Description: Founded in 2013, Coinpayments is a digital currency payments solution allowing businesses to accept Bitcoin and hundreds of altcoins through easy to use plugins, APIs and Point of Sale (POS) interfaces. With over 2 million businesses and users in 182 […]

7th December 2018

Trusti live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Trusti – Equity now live for US and Non-US qualifying investors. The crypto compliance app advised by former SEC, IRS and Nasdaq Leadership LEARN MORE FEATURED PITCH Type: Equity pitch (available for US and Non-US investors) Description: Trusti provides compliance solutions for the exchange of regulated, securitised assets, and is driven by two core products – TrustiCertification™ and TrustiTerminal™. […]

6th December 2018

BETA Launch – Secondary Market for Bitcoin & Blockchain company equity.

The hour has finally come when we’re ready to release the first version of’s Secondary Market. While this is a limited ‘soft launch’, with an aim to closely monitor the transactions, the work to enhance the experience continues. It’s important to emphasize that the market is an opportunity for the investors to readjust their […]

3rd December 2018

Byte Federal live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Byte Federal – A Fincen registered money service business with 64 Crypto ATMs deployed across 10 US states with their own hardware, has just launched their equity round exclusively to our qualifying investors LEARN MORE FEATURED PITCH Type: Equity pitch (available for US and Non US investors) Byte Federal is a Fincen registered money service […]

3rd December 2018

Withdrawing your RIF Tokens from our RSK Private Sale

If you participated in the private token sale where we shared our allocation of RIF tokens exclusively for our priority access members here is a quick guide on withdrawing your RIF tokens.  You can leave them on your BnkToTheFuture account for as long as you choose, but when you have some time it is best […]

28th November 2018

RSK (RIF Token) Update: The 13th Priority Access Deal (PAD) Just Closed

The 13th Priority Access Deal (PAD) closed on the morning of November 28, 2018, and we don’t think it will be an unlucky deal number 13. This was an opportunity to purchase tokens in the private sale issued by RSK who are aiming to lead a major technological shift within the next decade through Bitcoin. […]

23rd November 2018

BnkToTheFuture Investors Cash-In on Bitstamp Exit

Having been an early investor in leading digital currency exchange Bitstamp, as we hosted their early funding round on our online investment platform for investors, we’d like to announce Bitstamp’s acquisition by NXMH, a Belgium-based investment company. This results in the liquidation of their assets and an exit for our BnkToTheFuture investors who have […]

22nd November 2018

BnkToTheFuture announces a partnership & investment in Securitize!

As the crypto market adjusts to the introduction of a liquid market for security tokens, at Bnk To The Future we have been investing in companies and building products to support the growth of the security token market. So far we have made strategic investments in both – Polymath and Securitize, and recently closed an […]

19th November 2018

Live commentary before and after the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

The Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork gave crypto-minds so much food for thought and analytics! In this blog post we gladly present commentary before and after BCH Hard Fork. Enjoy! Simon Dixon commentary before the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork with the Bitcoin community The secomd video is Simon Dixon commentary after the hard fork with the […]