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23rd August 2018

Technical update from our BnkToTheFuture Dev Team – 23rd August 2018

In the past weeks we’ve been working hard on major developments to the site that we believe will be essential to not only enhance our product ecosystem, but also make us resilient to the regulatory challenges ahead.  These include: 1. Release of company pages beta programme to change the information flow on the platform and […]

21st August 2018

Crypto Crow Live AMA with Simon Dixon

An informative crypto-themed discussion between Simon Dixon and Crypto Crow, featuring answers to viewers question regarding securitization, Bitcoin ETF and history of cryptomarket

16th August 2018

Open Data Exchange (ODX) live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Open Data Exchange (ODX) – Co invest with Pantera, DNA Fund, BlockTower, Kenetic, Genesis, and Andromeda with 25% discount on tokens LEARN MORE FEATURED PITCH   The Open Data Exchange (ODX) aims to democratize internet access through the blockchain. Their aim is to provide free internet for the emerging markets. ODX a company founded by […]

31st July 2018

Why deposit 10,000 BFT on A Step-by-step guide.

When you own and deposit a minimum of 10,000 BnkToTheFuture Tokens (BFT), you get Priority Access Deals (PAD) email notifications to all upcoming deals listed on our platform. This officially makes you a BFT member (terms and conditions apply). You will receive rewards for your due diligence and investor relations support, and you will also […]