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by Shakil BF Support | 27th September 2019


Company: FIO Protocol – Co-invest with Binance Labs and Six Other Venture Funds in Dapix, Building the FIO Blockchain Usability Standard

Type: Equity (available for non-US investors only)

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Description: Backed by Binance Labs and six other venture funds, Dapix is building the FIO Usability Protocol whose goal is to do for Blockchain what HTTP did for the Internet – make it easy to use! 

The companion Foundation for Interwallet Operability is an industry-led organization that ultimately will guide the protocol after mainnet launch and currently has 25 industry members (including Binance’s Trust Wallet, ShapeShift, BRD, Coinomi, Bitcoin (dot) com and more).


Blockchain:  A Disruptive Innovation With Huge Usability Challenges:

  • Today the process of sending blockchain value (i.e., tokens/coins) is a complex and risky process. It involves lengthy and complex public keys, a “send only” functionality with no ability to request payments in a decentralized manner and virtually no metadata providing context for transactions, such as notes, invoices, order carts, etc. 
  • A Usability Survey found that less than 75% of crypto users are confident when sending crypto transactions and more than half have experienced problems with crypto transactions, including complete loss of funds due to errors and hack attack.    

Making Decentralized Movement of Value Easy (FIO Protocol Features):


The FIO Protocol is a delegated proof of stake decentralized blockchain that acts as a Service Layer for the entire blockchain ecosystem.  It works immediately across every blockchain as it does not require any integration with them. With a mainnet launch, the FIO Protocol will enable three key capabilities:

  • FIO Address:  Human readable wallet address that works immediately across every blockchain and removes the need for a user to ever see or know what a public key is.
  • FIO Requests:  The ability to send a decentralized request for payment from one wallet to any other wallet, thereby creating virtually error-free transactions.  This can include a simple request from one party to another, an order cart at e-commerce checkout, an invoice from business and more.
  • FIO Data:  Metadata that provides context for every transaction across every blockchain.  A note, an order cart and invoice, basically, any data can be included with each and every transaction and recorded on an immutable ledger for future reference. 

Management Team:

  • David Gold (CEO & Co-founder)
    • 23 years of entrepreneurial experience as both an operator and VC investor.  Masters degrees from M.I.T
  • Pawel Mastalerz (Chief Product Officer & Co-founder)
    • 20+ years of experience in B2C/B2B/ B2B2C e-commerce. Designed Cash Back partnership with DASH.
  • Luke Stokes (Chief Decentralization Officer)
    • 17+ year technical leader. Steem blockchain witness, EOS block producer.  
  • Eric Butz (VP Engineering)
    • 20+ year software engineering management leader.  Oracle, Hyperion, Decisioneering. PhD in Public Affairs (Blockchain governance)  
  • Ed Rotthoff (Lead Architect & Engineer)
    • 25+ years of high performance software engineering experience. 
  • Jonathan Syu (Director of Marketing)
    • 7+ years of digital marketing leadership experience and long time crypto enthusiast.


  • Binance Labs
  • Blockwall Capital
  • NGC Ventures
  • LuneX Ventures
  • Access Venture Partners
  • Dundee Venture Capital
  • First Mile Venture Capital

PITCH TYPE: EQUITY (Preferred Stock With Pro-Rata Token Rights)



TOTAL ALLOCATION:  US$3,225,001 of $3,500,000 already raised.  274,999 available for BnkToTheFuture

*Disclaimer: The above information including the numbers, claims & project analysis, has been shared by Dapix, Inc.’s team. BnkToTheFuture highly recommends all investors to do their own due diligence and research before making an investment decision. 

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BnkToTheFuture (BF)Live E33

Making Blockchain Easy For The Masses with David Gold(FIO) & Simon Dixon

This week on BF Live Episode 33, Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-founder of ) was live with David Gold to discuss the FIO Protocol & how it makes blockchain easy and accessible to the masses. They also answered questions from the community.

Dapix, Inc Building the FIO Blockchain Usability Standard is now LIVE on BnkToTheFuture’s online investment platform:


02:44– How was David introduced to crypto?

04:46– David’s view on Crypto adoption vs old internet use.

07:46– How did being an investor and an entrepreneur work for David?

10:00– What is FIO protocol and why this is important?

17:21– FIO’s influence on the benefits of centralisation.

18:42– More about FIO protocol.

25:41– Q/A with David Gold (FIO).

40:07– BF portfolio News.

48:24– Q/A with Simon about BF news.

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