Bnk To The Future Live Ep. 06 | Liquidity, Premiums and Discounts

by Shakil BF Support | 21st March 2019

Our CEO and co-founder Simon Dixon was live on 21st March, 2019 and has discussed about liquidity, premiums and discounts and secondary market valuations. He has also answered community questions from the Live chat and Telegram

06:01 – Some of the live pitches
15:30 – A bit about Circle
16:22 – A bit about Abra
18:58 – Liquidity, Premium & Discounts
35:48 – Updates on Portfolio companies
37:53 – What is an Up round?
46:34 – Q/A

[N.B- If you click on any of the timestamps, you will be redirected to a new window with the YT link]

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