BF Wallet Mobile App Now Supports Bitcoin. Get ready for Bitcoin Security Tokens next

by Aman | 17th May 2019

We are thrilled to announce some exciting new features on the BF Wallet app:


1. BF Wallet application now supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, BF Token & all your Security Tokens 

You can now store Bitcoin, Bnk To The Future Token (BFT), Ethereum and all your security tokens in one place, that’s the BF Wallet app. This is our first step towards supporting security tokens built on top of Bitcoin.

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2. Bnk To The Future partners with Blockstream to issue tokenized equity on Liquid

The BF Wallet application will soon be adding support for security tokens built on the Liquid Network, the Liquid Network is a Bitcoin sidechain that supports the creation of new digital assets in addition to the ability to peg-in bitcoin to the network.

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3. BF Wallet Application is now available to both Android and iOS users

Watch our brand new video to learn more about the BF Wallet application.


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