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16th May 2018

The very first AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Simon Dixon

Join Simon Dixon live at our very first ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA) online session. Simon will answer your questions in a Q&A style on subjects such as – the BFT Token, our product roadmap or Crypto Investing in general. You can join the very first session on 16th May 2018 at 12pm GMT. PLEASE NOTE: […]

11th May 2018

Chronicled live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

CHRONICLED (a leader in the application of blockchain to supply chain) are opening their pre-series ‘A’ convertible note pitch exclusively for BnkToTheFuture. FEATURED PITCH DESCRIPTION: Chronicled is the first company to leverage IoT, AI, and Blockchaintechnologies to power end-to-end smart supply chain solutions. Chronicled are described as a leading smart chain platform who aim to end […]

11th May 2018

First AMA session with Simon Dixon

AMA “Ask Me Anything” with Simon Dixon, is a brand new online event created by the BnkToTheFuture team. Simon Dixon, CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture, will be giving people a chance to ask any questions in a Q&A style on subjects such as – the BFT Token, our product roadmap or Crypto Investing in general. The first […]

2nd May 2018

Otoy – New pitch live on BnkToTheFuture

We have exclusivity on a $30m allocation for a private sale round. This is the only crypto deal we know of that has ex-Google CEO – Eric Schmidt on the advisory team of the parent company. FEATURED PITCH The parent company for the Render Token – Otoy have a very powerful team of advisors including ex-Google CEO – […]

23rd April 2018

Simon Dixon discusses BF Token with EthFinex

Our CEO and  Co Founder of BnkToTheFuture, Simon Dixon, sat down for an interview with the Ethfinex Head of Marketing, Chris DeLuca. Talks about BFT and its uses and problems it solves.

20th April 2018


Exclusive priority access deal starting in few a hours from now… …75% discounted pre-sale for the entire $3m EXCLUSIVE: We have exclusivity on a 75% discounted pre-sale for the entire $3m. We will be announcing a small exclusive priority access deal in the next few hours where we have exclusivity on the 75% discounted pre-sale for the […]

17th April 2018

Crypto Investing from South Korea (Simon Dixon)

Our CEO and co-founder of BnkToTheFuture Simon Dixon on Hashed Lounge in South Korea, talks about banking systemic risks, advantages of Bitcoin vs fiat, history of BnkToTheFuture and the utility of BF Token, and the future of cryptocurrencies.

16th April 2018

Latest news, features and upgrades on BnkToTheFuture

BF Token (BFT) holders now get exclusive priority access to all deals listed on BnkToTheFuture…. Qualifying investors on BnkToTheFuture can now use BFT to gain priority access to all deals as we have just enabled BFT deposits on our Online Investment Platform. WHAT’S NEW We are proud to announce the launch of our first phase of […]