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29th September 2017

Zephyr project live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Bitspark’s Zephyr Token is helping individuals & Money Transfer Operators to save money within the remittance market and we’re happy to have them as our first pre-sale token deal with up to 60% discount offered only to our qualifying private members on BnkToTheFuture. Zephyr is a reward token that allows individuals and small to medium […]

22nd September 2017

Report from the Bitcoin Cash Conference & Bitcoin in Venezuela

Our CEO and co-founder, Simon Dixon recently went to the Shape The Future Conference in Hong Kong, and talks about what happened there on the BitcoinMeister popular YouTube Channel. Other guests also share inspiring details on Bitcoin in Venezuela   Here is the clip where Simon Dixon asked some questions of Craig Wright:

21st September 2017

Bitmari live on BnkToTheFuture for qualifying investors

Bitmari is the first Bitcoin company to receive a money transfer licence from the central bank of Zimbabwe. Their pitch will be closing shortly for qualifying investors. Countries like Zimbabwe have suffered from government led currencies for years. Maybe it’s time for a currency like Bitcoin to offer new alternatives for the people of Zimbabwe? […]

19th September 2017

China Shuts All Exchanges – Simon Dixon discusses

Jeff interviews Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future in Shanghai China. Topics include: negotiations with the Chinese government, Bitcoin exchanges to be closed down, government to embrace blockchain technology, ICOs were getting very scammy, exchange companies to move out of China, China accumulating Gold, China’s decision does not effect Bitcoins economics, opportunity to accumulate, […]

15th September 2017

Bitcoin exchanges in China live update

World Crypto Network (YouTube channel) asked our CEO and co-founder or BnkToTheFuture, Simon Dixon, for an update about Bitcoin in China and the crackdown on bitcoin exchanges. WARNING: The sound is not great so you will need to turn your volume up and down as the interview was done in a live environment but the content is clear.

7th September 2017

Coinsecure closing shortly

Coinsecure – one of India’s leading Bitcoin exchange, reached their minimum funding goal on our Online Investment Platform. Pitch closing shortly. India’s leading Bitcoin exchange is closing shortly for qualifying investors on our Online Investment Platform. Coinsecure allows anyone to buy and sell bitcoins using their Indian Rupees. FEATURED PITCH Coinsecure states that their algorithmic […]